From a House to a Highrise


DONT have time to do windows?  Let us do it for you SAFELY! Let’s face it; most homeowners aren’t enthusiastic about cleaning their windows.  Cleaning windows takes time and in many cases it means climbing high ladders or stretching to get to hard to reach areas. Many people are injured annually as a result of falls from ladders.  Why not let our professionally trained employees do all the work for you?

Improve Your Curb Appeal And Your Investment! Clean windows add curb appeal and value to your residence.  Did you know that by not having your windows cleaned regularly (at least two times a year) that you put your windows at risk?   estimateNeglecting your windows for extended periods of time allows accumulated dirt and environmental pollutants to build up on the glass.  This can cause damage to the glass, seals and frames resulting in dullness, oxidation, pitting, or seal and wood deterioration.  If you have investigated replacing your windows, you know that cleaning your windows is a fraction of that cost.

Our Professionalism and Quality of Service Erlanger Window Cleaning is proud to be the window cleaning company of choice for many homeowners in the Greater Cincinnati area for over 50 years! We are consistently told that our professionalism and quality of service can be counted on. Our homeowners are also comforted to learn that our technicians are fully uniformed, background checked and undergo pre-employment, random, and annual drug testing. Our attention to detail is also appreciated by our customers.  When working inside a home, we cover our ladders with mitts to protect walls and make sure not to place our wet buckets on unprotected floors. Let Erlanger Window take care of all of your needs!  We will confirm the cost of your services before starting.   It is requested that your payment be made upon our completion via cash, check or credit card (Visa and MasterCard accepted).

“The Erlanger Team performed an outstanding job at our home.  Both Debbie and I want to thank you for having our windows cleaned professionally."  

Thanks again.”  S.B., Homeowner