From a House to a Highrise


Tired of looking at your dingy siding?  Let us clean it for you SAFELY! Let’s face it; most homeowners want to improve their home’s curb appeal without spending lots of money to replace dingy siding.  Why not let our professionally trained employees clean your siding for a fraction of the cost?  At Erlanger Window Cleaning our employees are trained to use a soft brush method for cleaning siding.  Our soft brush house washing method will not damage your vinyl siding like pressure washing can.

How do we perform our soft brush house washings?  To ensure the best quality we follow a successful three step method:

Step 1:  First the area to be cleaned is hosed down to ready it for scrubbing.

Step 2:  Next, poles with soft brushes attached are dipped into a bucket of approved soap solution.  This is used to hand scrub the siding.  Long poles or extension ladders are used for the highest spots.

Step 3:  Finally, the area is hosed down to reveal siding that now sparkles.  With this clean siding you now have added curb appeal and value to your residence for a fraction of the cost.

Our Professionalism and Quality of Service: Erlanger Window Cleaning is proud to be the  company of choice for many homeowners in the Greater Cincinnati area for over 50 years! We take pride in the many services that we can offer our customers.   Our homeowners are also comforted to learn that our technicians are fully uniformed, background checked and undergo pre-employment, random, and annual drug testing.

Let Erlanger Window take care of your house washing needs!  We will confirm the cost of your services before starting.   It is requested that your payment be made upon our completion via cash, check or credit card (Visa and MasterCard accepted).