From a House to a Highrise


Maintain a Professional Image

At Erlanger Window Cleaning, we understand the importance of maintaining a professional image, and we also understand how quickly dirt, grime, and mold can accumulate on a building.  Our trained technicians can skillfully restore your building’s exterior using our high grade equipment.

Benefits of Pressure Washing

  • Increases Building Value: Pressure washing is considered the most affordable way to increase your building’s value.
  • Improves Curb Appeal: Your building’s curb appeal is important, especially if you are considering selling it. Pressure washing removes stains and mildew that can make a building look unattractive. These stains typically stall a prospective buyer from putting in an offer.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Regularly scheduled pressure washings are great ways to save money on costly exterior repairs. Keeping your building clean protects from rot, decay and premature aging – extending the life of your property.


"Our mission is to provide you with window and building maintenance services second to none! Read more on the About Us  page".

Denise Munson
CEO, Erlanger Window Cleaning